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Welcome to Misitu Yetu Kenya
Mau Forest

Misitu Yetu Kenya is a unique website that is tailor made to enable transparency, access and sharing of forest information in Kenya. This website will enhance sharing and easy access of information by all stakeholders hence improving forest governance in Kenya. The website has portals that give information on the various categories in forestry sector in Kenya.

Community Forestry

This portal includes documents on Community Forests, Forest legislation and governance in Kenya. Community participation in Kenya is an emerging aspect in forest management. The participation of communities is provided through formation of Community Forest Associations, (CFAs). Through CFAs, communities living adjacent to forests and catchment areas complement government efforts in ensuring sustainable utilization and protection of forests.

Categories in this Portal:

REDD+ Projects

This portal includes documents on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Destruction (REDD) + / Carbon Projects in Kenya. The documents give details on the status, challenges and other relevant information on Carbon trade and REDD+ Projects in Kenya.

Categories in this Portal:

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Forest Products, Services and Markets

This portal includes documents on the production of timber and timber trade in Kenya. In Kenya, timber is produced for commercial and domestic use.

Categories in this Portal:

Laws and Rules

This portal contains laws and policies on management of forests in Kenya. It includes Gazette Notices, Draft Bills, Acts of Parliament, and other relevant documents in Kenya’s forestry sector.

Information in this Portal:

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News and Updates

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Recent Publications